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Finding Santeria..

Losing Sanity

Ben found himself incarcerated in a mental hospital after being deported from Cuba for an unprovoked attack on a British Tourist. But he had no recollection of it nor why he was in Cuba nor any of the previous year.

He was counselled by a patient psychotherapist, Aiden and visited by a former colleague, Trish who between them managed to facilitate Ben’s slow recall of events.


Ben worked for an Irish Sunday Newspaper and had been covering the activities of a prominent politician, Denis O’Hara whom Ben felt was on the make. His editor, Paul, had found a witness who could provide proof that O’Hara had received money from the Cuban Government in return for securing landing rights and facilities for Russian planes refuelling in Shannon.

Ben travelled to Cuba via Madrid where he met up with Jenny, Susanna and Anton with whom he developed an instant friendship. It resulted in all four travelling to Cuba via a visit to Anton’s home in Bolivia where they picked up Ramon, a Bolivian politician and old school friend of Anton.

In Cuba, Ben met Rory, Paul’s witness in the O’Hara investigation. The travelling party grew to eight when Felix, a retired American diplomat and Maria, a Mexican publisher agreed to join them for a farewell dinner party for Maria who was travelling home the following day.

The joyous dinner party was interrupted by four armed uniformed soldiers who kidnapped and drove them to a secret hideaway. However, the kidnappers knew everyone’s name, so they realised they had been targeted…

If you're looking for a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further than Mike Beetlestone's 'Finding Santeria... Losing Sanity' The book is told from the perspective of Ben, a man who has been committed to a mental hospital for the criminally insane. As he pieces together the memories, we are taken on a suspenseful ride that culminates in a shocking twist ending.

What I found most interesting about the book was its exploration of religious beliefs and how they can impact someone's mental state. Beetlestone expertly weaves together the story of Ben's search for answers with his own descent into madness, making for a truly captivating read.

It's a book that keeps you guessing until the very end, I would highly recommend 'Finding Santeria... Losing Sanity.' You won't be disappointed.



'Finding Santeria... Losing Sanity' is a Ben Molina novel of self-inspection that represents a stand-alone story in a series of three Ben based stories. It blends a thriller with powerful psychological components to keep readers involved and guessing as political and personal challenges dovetail in unexpected ways.

Readers who follow Ben into this quagmire of interpersonal and political revelation will find the story offers many surprising twists. More than a tale of subterfuge 'Finding Santeria... Losing Sanity' considers the foundations of logical behaviours and the impact of poor and good choices alike, offering readers a breath-taking foray into foreign lands and a psychic battle even Ben is unlikely to win.

Mike Beetlestone's ability to juxtapose personal and political influences and developments which challenge Ben's perception of not only how the world operates, but his own place in it, lends to a suspenseful tense story. Pair a mid-life crisis with a world hopping tour of desperation for a sense of special forms of action depicted in 'Finding Santeria... Losing Sanity.' 

'Finding Santeria... Losing Sanity' is recommended not just for thriller readers, but also for libraries looking for the added value of strong psychological inspection powered by events that swing around the world in a desperate, unpredictable dance of revelation.



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'Delivering a fantastic and fast paced psychological thriller... the author transports us from the here and now into an adventure that would last most mortals a lifetime. Bordering on just this side of PC, Ben, the self-effacing journalist with a sharp wit and an eye for love will unquestionably find a place in the hearts of all those who read his seldom straight forward adventures



In 'Finding Santeria... Losing Sanity,' Mike Beetlestone walks us through Ben Molina's life, which was filled with betrayals, lies, broken hearts and mental breakdown... every chapter includes information that seems unrelated to the current situation but as the pages turn and the chapters continue, the puzzle starts to fit together.

People who like crime thrillers and people who are enthusiastic about justice and equality should read this book.


'Do you know why you are here?'

Ben didn't, he had been committed to Dundrum Central Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane because of an unprovoked attach on a stranger in Havana.  But he had no recollection of going to Cuba.

Through patient counselling, he remembered that he was investigating political corruption in Ireland which led him to Madrid where he met and fell in love with a beautiful and enigmatic woman half his age. Together they travelled to Cuba where they played an unsuspecting part in an incredible plot to honour the memory of Ché Guevara which went horribly wrong. A roller coaster of an emotional journey finally brings Ben to learn of a dark side to his character he knew nothing about, to self-loathing and eventual breakdown.

Psychological Thriller  |  Mystery Murder

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