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Mike Beetlestone Storyteller



‘The World is shaped by two things… stories told

and the memories they leave behind’     

Vera Nazarian, Author

Donovan's Literary Services

In a series of three Ben based stories, Mike's novels blend 'thriller with powerful psychological components keeping readers involved and guessing as political and personal challenges dovetail in unexpected ways.'

Introducing... Ben Molina

A.N.D. Acute Nepali Disorder


'Do you mind if I join you?'

Ben looked up at the beautiful, elegant woman in front of him and stared around the empty tables in the restaurant, motioning to her at the same time to take a seat.Before he said a word, she cleared her throat and made Ben an offer he would never forget for the rest of his life.

'I will pay you one million euro if you can prove that my uncle murdered my father - the King of Nepal."  Before he had a chance to think of a reply the rat-a-tat of an AK47 spraying bullets all around the dining room, sent everyone diving for cover.  

When Ben looked up to survey the carnage, his mysterious companion had vanished.  

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'Do you know why you are here?'

Ben didn't, he had been committed to Dundrum Central Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane because of an unprovoked attach on a stranger in Havana.  But he had no recollection of going to Cuba.

Through patient counselling, he remembered that he was investigating political corruption in Ireland which led him to Madrid where he met and fell in love with a beautiful and enigmatic woman half his age. Together they travelled to Cuba where they played an unsuspecting part in an incredible plot to honour the memory of Ché Guevara which went horribly wrong. A roller coaster of an emotional journey finally brings Ben to learn of a dark side to his character he knew nothing about, to self-loathing and eventual breakdown.

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Finding Santeria...Losing Sanity


Whilst in America, Ben calls into an old friend, Bill only to discover he is on his deathbed. Bill’s final words were a confession of a murder he committed twenty years earlier and to ask Ben to promise that he would find his victims family and take care of them.

Nine months earlier, Clarina is diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease, a genetic neurological illness which eventually leads to muscle failure of all the organs. But neither of Clarina’s parents are ill. 

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Taking care of Family


Help me with my next 


Call to action from the Author

My next story explores Billy's life thereafter. I intend to write it through my blog and I would love your thoughts as I go!

A few personal views of Mumbai, Kathmandu, Boston and Cuba

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